A happy, inspired childhood creates happy, inspired and powerful women.


Empowerment of embracing Unique beauty &dreams through dolls

Stacey enjoys giving back to her community and was mostly impacted by hearing of the depression and acceptance needed by our girls today. Dolls allowed her to dream and ignited her purpose. Support her efforts of conforming girls into well rounded, powerful women who function in excellence. See the workshops offered.

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Building YOUR Character: A Doll's Story

Creating the story of your doll's character and finding out about YOU along the way! Discuss then hear design tips from expert doll designer, Stacey.

YOUR Health and Team Support Count

Learning healthy eating options long with a fun team building relay race to health!

Tackling YOUR BULLY: School, Social Media, Family, Work

A doll demonstration and discussion of how to deal with bullying along with stereotyping.

Expanding YOUR own BRAND: How You Represent YOU!

Learning and getting in touch with you, how you represent the brand of YOU! Don't fall into the stereotypes.


Self care is important with the pressures of this competitive world.  Girls are growing up too fast and we women are just trying to keep up! Time to distress and be a child again.  Let's play with dolls, create stories, fashions and hair styles. 

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead of YOU

Sharing the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math that go into Doll/Toy design. Could this be a career option for you?

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Perfecting YOUR Relationships

Gaining and keeping the respect within business, personal and male relationships

YOUR Financial Literacy Made Easy

Working together to educate through basic budgeting and spending tips, balancing your financial needs vs wants, effects of good credit, confidence and your character 

What's YOUR Next Move?

Choosing a career path of Contentment, Purpose and/or Entrepreneurship, moving towards an empowering future 


  • Most workshops are 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Minimum  of 10 participants, unless scheduling a one-on-one session
  • $30 per person for first workshop, doll or t-shirt included.  Same day add-on sessions $10 each per person
  • Need someone to sponsor your workshops?  We can provide tax write-off/Thank You vouchers for your donors
  • Call or email for corporate and/or One-on-One pricing


Testimonial from Barack Obama Elementary School Principal, Los Angeles, CA